SM Youth Holiday 2017 Digital Campaign


It has always been my goal since 2014 to produce fashion campaigns with a relevant message to today's youth. During the fall of 2017, I was tasked to take the lead for the SM Youth Holiday campaign. I tried pushing the boundaries and challenged myself to what was first an impossible concept. The main idea was to re-amplify our hashtag #WeAreSMYouth that we have been using since the day we officially launched back in 2014 by producing a campaign that communicates both individuality and community at the same time. I utilized 26 talents who have been part of our amazing family and shot and styled each one of their portraits differently from the rest. I used more than 15 different lighting setups in order to shoot all of these 25 layouts and to make things more challenging, I had to finish everything in a span of 12 hours to meet the schedule of all our talents.

Creative Direction: Bjorn Michael
Photography: Bjorn Michael
Styling: Bjorn Michael
Talents: Akiko Abad, Alwyn Cruz, Andre Lagdameo, Chelsea Manalo, Christian Perkins, Dani Camcam, Danielle Mortel, David Mendoza, Erika Kristensen, Janna Tee, Jesse Perkins, Jonas Coronado, Justine Llarena, Kaila Estrada, Klaudio Gutierrez, Kyle Perry, Macauly Lofren, Mariah Jowett, Mark Rivera, Marx Monterola, Oliver Edman, Richard Juan, Sam Libao, Shalee Vicencio, Tommy Esguerra, Yaofa dela Cruz